* High school diploma/equivalency
* Manual dexterity,lifting(as much as 50 lbs), pushing, pulling, bending, stooping, sitting, speaking, hearing, mobility.
* Ability to successfully accomplish/complete inservice training
* Conscientiously accept & follow directions
* Good communication & interpersonal skills
* Exhibit sound judgment
* Adaptable to variety of situations
* Fundamental understanding of special education students

* Each para will assist in the transportation of student(s) who may be mildly, moderately and/or severely disabled. The bus para is responsible for:
* Safe environment for transporting special needs students
* Securing students in proper seating/spaces
* Recording/charting student data
* Assuring an orderly environment
* Appropriately restraining students
* Monitoring students for changes which require medication
* Communicating effectively with school personnel, patrons & students
* Handling a variety of stressful situations, flexibility in adjusting to varied levels of persistence,