Reports To:         General Director of Early Childhood/Elementary Education.  


Position Purpose: 

To assist the General Director of paperwork and detail so that the maximum attention may be devoted to the central problems of education and the effective operation of the school district.




Physical/Emotional Requirements:  The incumbent may be required to use the following skills and abilities during any part of the working day: speaking, hearing, manual dexterity (coordination of eye/hand for such activities as typing, calculating, word processing, and the like), bending/stooping, sitting, and walking.


Performance Responsibilities:


Additional Performance Responsibilites for Shaner Early Learning Academy:


1. Perform accounting and bookkeeping functions:

2. Purchasing

3. Perform general office duties:

4. Set up and maintain district records, such as: Record student attendance, type district discipline reports and suspensions, prepare and send notices of suspension hearings.

5. Enter information into TERMS; collect necessary forms and documents, collect and record fees.


Terms of Employment:

12 months; salary and work year to be determined by the Board of Education



Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the board policy on evaluation of administrators.